5 Key Advantages My Vivace Fractional RF Microneedling System Has Over My Fractional 1540nm System.


  1. A 1540nm fractional may cause hyperpigmentation in darker skin types while with Vivace, the risk and incidence is much lower.

The mechanism of action used by the Fractional 1540nm is the administration of a fractionated beam of 1540nm light which is mildly attracted to water. As water is  present in the epidermis and dermis the laser energy beams burn channels through the epidermis into the dermis causing thermal necrotic zones. These micro thermal zones often cause transient hyperpigmentation in darker skin types and in some cases, lasting areas of hyperpigmentation.

thermal damage comparison

Vivace employs a 6 x 6 array of insulated needles (uninsulated available too) that are mechanically driven into the skin by a robotic motor allowing precise control of the depth of penetration. The insulation on the needles protects the epidermis while only applying the radio frequency energy to the last 400 microns of the needle after they have reached the depth of insertion selected  RF energy is not attracted to any particular chromophore such as water or melanin or blood and as such, has a much lower risk of hyperpigmentation as the energy is only being delivered to the deeper tissue levels (insulated needles in this case).

Vivace consumables cost less than other rf microneedling systems 5

The Vivace RF fractional system can also be used with uninsulated needles in the case of scars or stretch marks that extend from the epidermis down into the dermis. When using uninsulated needles, there is still a risk of hyperpigmentation in darker skin types so proper case selection is important.

  1. Fractional 1540 requires special goggles for the user and the patient and can cause a corneal burn since it is within the corneal hazard region. The operator must be very careful to not get too close to the eyes.

1540 around eyes    vivace around eyes

Vivace uses RF which can’t cause ocular damage unless the microneedles come in direct contact with the eye. As there is no ocular or corneal hazard region associated with Vivace’s RF bipolar energy, this allows you to treat much closer to the eye than with the 1540 nm fractional laser (or any other laser/IPL).

3.  The thermal necrotic zones associated with the 1540 can take up to 24 hours to close which often results in breakouts or milia in the area of treatment.


milia from 1540Vivace uses RF to create heat in the dermis, not the epidermis, microchannels will close up in 4-6 hours.  Thus far, there have been very few reports of breakouts in the literature and none of my patients have reported any breakouts from the treatments.

4.  Vivace Doesn’t Have Recertification Fees

recert salesman

Many 1540nm platform manufacturers (including my Palomar/Cynosure) charge a hefty recertification fee that can exceed $75,000.

Recertification fees are paid by the buyer of a used machine and because they are so high, it usually makes more sense to buy a new machine instead of your used one.

Unlike other RF microneedling system manufacturers and many 1540nm manufacturers, Vivace DOES NOT HAVE A RECERTIFICATION FEE!

  1. My Vivace RF Microneedling System was $134,000 less than my fractional 1540nm Palomar System ($10,000 less than just the 1540 handpiece and tips)!

1540 handpieceMy Palomar 1540 XF handpiece was $60,000

My Fractional 1540 XD tip was an additional $15,000

My Fractional 1540 15mm tip was an additional $10,0000

This doesn’t include the Palomar/Cynosure Icon platform machine to hook it into though which I paid an additional $119,000 MSRP.  If you want the 1540 fractional HP and all three tips and the Icon to use them on, it will cost you $204,000 MSRP.  Oh and remember, you can’t resell it without the buyer paying recertification fees basically making it less expensive for a buyer to purchase a new system instead of your system.

Ok so let’s start doing a comparison between owning a Vivace and owning a 1540 nm System:

Due to Groupon, competition and saturation of clinicians offering fractional laser treatments, I am only able to charge $400 per 1540 fractional laser treatment (back in “the day”, I charged $700.)

If we divide the cost of the Cynosure/Palomar Icon with the handpieces ($204,000) by $400 per treatment (drumroll please)…..

….it will take you 510 treatments to pay off the 1540 system WITHOUT factoring interest on $204k!

Okay, so now let’s see how much simple interest there is on $210,000 over 60 months at a favorable 5% interest rate = $52,500!

So the total cost of my 1540 system with interest is $262,500….

….which will take 656 1540 treatments to pay off!

But we are not done yet. Per Cynosure, my Palomar 1540nm handpiece

Now, let’s take a look at the how the Vivace RF Microneedling System stacks up against my 1540 system:


As RF Microneedling is a newer technology and many medspas do not have a device yet, I have been able to charge $700 per treatment. However, to make a true apples-to-apples comparison with my 1540 system, let’s say I charged the same, $400 per treatment.

I would need to subtract $75 for the tip leaving me making $325 per treatment. If we divide the MSRP of the Vivace $70000 by $325 per treatment…..

…..it would only take 215 treatments (compared to the 510 for the 1540) to pay off the Vivace, not factoring in interest on $70k!

AND, If I used the amount that I actually charge my clients for a Vivace treatment ($700-475 = $625), I would pay off the $70k Vivace in only 112 treatments.

Okay, so now let’s see how much simple interest there is on $70,000 over 60 months at a favorable 5% interest rate = $17,500!

So the total cost of my 1540 system with interest is $87,500….

….which will only take 269 Vivace treatments to pay off!

My Vivace RF Microneedling System Beats My 1540 System Hands Down!

1540 punch 

 Why would anyone spend $134,000 more for a 1540 machine that does not treat patients as safely or effectively as the Vivace?

If you already own a platform such as a Cynosure/Palomar Icon, why would you purchase the 1540 handpiece and tips when you can buy the entire Vivace RF Microneedling System for $15,000 less?

Don’t get me wrong….I like my Palomar Icon platform and use it for hair reduction and photofacials. However, for skin tightening, age management, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, scarring and even stretch marks, my Vivace treats these much safer, more effectively, with less pain, and for less money than my 1540. With the deck overwhelmingly in favor of Vivace over a 1540, those clinicians looking to treat these conditions should strongly consider the Vivace RF Microneedling System.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME if you want to discuss Vivace or any other medical esthetic system.