Med Laser Sales Brings You the Latest Technology at the Lowest Prices. Our Knowledgeable Sales Professionals are also Clinicians who Actually Use Cosmetic Laser Equipment.

channel 10 screen captureIn the past few years there have been exciting technological breakthroughs in medical esthetics including painless RF Microneedling Systems, Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation, and many others. At Med Laser Sales, we do more than just follow these emerging trends, as practitioners we are on the forefront. Our team consists of doctors and other clinicians who are active in research and development. One of our team members holds a patent on the first autoclave sterilizable microneedling device.
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As clinicians who purchase and use medical esthetic equipment in our own practices, we can provide invaluable advice in determining what machine(s) is/are the right choice for your practice, your patients, and your vision. As we sell both new and used equipment, we aren’t beholden to one manufacturer. Unlike virtually all other sales reps, brokers, dealers, or manufacturers, the experienced clinicians at Med Laser Sales have actually used the machine being considered for purchase. We can provide comprehensive insight into the many laser technologies available to the clinician. More than just selling both new and certified pre-owned equipment from the top medical laser manufacturers in the world, Med Laser Sales wants to help you choose the right system for your unique practice, even if you are unsure of where to start. If you are looking to sell or trade your existing system, we can help you maximize the value of your asset. Call the esthetic laser experts today at (480) 369-6905 for help in determining the best technology for your clinical needs. From one clinician to another…we make the process easy!