Medical Lasers FAQ


The aesthetic laser industry really emerged in the late 1990’s, and only in the last few years have enough manufacturers entered the market with quality lasers to spawn a used aesthetic laser industry. At Scott Carson Lasers, we distribute both new and pre-owened lasers and can provide helpful advice on choosing either a new or pre-owned aesthetic laser. Each practice is different and has unique needs. The consultants at SCL can help guide you in the right direction. In many cases, used aesthetic laser equipment can save money. The important thing is to ensure that you have selected the right equipment that works for your practice and your specific patient base.

Used Aesthetic Laser Prices

Some used aesthetic lasers are sold at up to 75% off the original manufacturer’s prices and this potential cost savings is the most popular reason to look in the pre-owned market.  This can mean the difference between $50,000 and $100,000 for the exact same laser! As a business owner, this can mean the difference between being profitable or not. It is essential to purchase a used aesthetic laser system that has been inspected and professionally refurbished as repairs and recertification fees can quickly deplete any potential cost savings over purchasing a new system. While there are also situations where a new laser makes more sense, the cost savings of buying a used laser should not be overlooked. Let Scott Carson Lasers help you decide what equipment is right for your practice with insightful advice on the latest new devices and access to quality pre-owned device via our Revolutionary Laser Match System.

Aesthetic Laser Financing

Scott Carson Lasers can help put you in touch with financing sources for both new and used aesthetic lasers.  Gone are the days when you could get a $150,000 signature loan. However, banks are much more willing to finance capital equipment when the loan amount is between $40,000 and $75,000. Scott Carson Lasers can provide advice on how to find both new and used devices in many price ranges. We can also help connect you to many financing programs that can save you money on the purchase or new or used aesthetic lasers, taking the hassle out of financing capital equipment. .

What About Laser Parts and Repair of a Pre-owned Cosmetic Laser?

Getting your laser repaired doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Many practitioners have made Scott Carson Lasers their go-to service provider for aesthetic laser repairs and preventative maintenance for medical lasers produced by all the major manufacturers. SCL offers free repair estimates and our highly trained technicians use the latest technology to repair your system, perform maintenance, and get your system back online quickly. We offer 15-minutes of free “Biomed Rescue Phone Support” for any medical laser problem during business hours-even if you did not buy the device from us. We may not always be able to help you, but we will try. Call us at (435) 200-5378 with questions about error codes, troubleshooting techniques, phone diagnosis, free estimates, or questions about our maintenance programs.

Most manufacturers provide final assembly of their equipment. However, as with most manufacturing processes today, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a third party supplier that sells the same parts to service departments as they sell to the laser manufacturer. Aesthetic laser manufacturers typically sell parts at a premium to equipment owners who are not under a service contract. Scott Carson Lasers can locate and install the parts necessary to bring a pre-owned aesthetic laser back online and up to manufacturer standards.

Access to Aesthetic Partners

Whether you need training, financing, products, service or business consulting, Scott Carson Lasers can connect you to premier providers in each category.

Call us at (435) 200-5378 for advice on your next used aesthetic laser purchase!