provides certified, inspected, and warrantied esthetic medical equipment at significant savings when compared to purchasing the systems new from the manufacturer. As clinicians ourselves, we understand the anxiety, hassle, and negative experiences many practitioners have had with laser resellers. Avoid the sales hype, run around, and less than accurate information by dealing with sales professionals that are also clinicians – clinicians that actually use the equipment they sell!

Med Laser Sales has access to an extensive inventory of certified pre-owned esthetic lasers and medical esthetic equipment. Each pre-owned system is refurbished to manufacturer standards so you can rest assured that you are making a sound investment. As the Certified Refurbishment Process returns each esthetic laser we sell to good-as-new condition, we can offer one the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. This entire process is meticulously performed by our highly skilled repair technicians-most of them with years of experience after being trained by the original manufacturers.

Why do we go to so much trouble to give you the best esthetic laser sales experience possible? Because we view our customers as long-term partners and fellow clinicians. Partners who deserve the highest quality products, the best service, and the most accurate information available from experienced practitioners who actually use the equipment they sell.

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“Don’t take chances by purchasing an uninspected or unrefurbished system! In most cases, you can purchase a professionally refurbished, pre-owned esthetic laser system for less than buying an unrefurbished system from an unknown seller!”

Med Laser Sales Has Access to an Extensive Inventory of Professionally Refurbished Systems!

The clinicians at Med Laser Sales have over 12 years of clinical laser experience. Whether you are buying, selling, or trading your used cosmetic laser system or used medical equipment, you will receive money saving advice, world class service, and the best possible deal. Med Laser Sales has an extensive inventory of professionally refurbished medical laser systems and equipment for the treatment of acne, hair removal, plastic surgery, tattoo removal, age management, and so much more. With our unique LaserMatch System, we can quickly locate, purchase, meticulously refurbish, and provide you virtually any used cosmetic laser system! If you are considering the purchase of a new or used medical laser system, call Kris for a no-obligation, no pressure, strategy session designed to maximize your savings and get you the esthetic laser system that is perfectly suited to your particular practice. Save time, save money, avoid problems!  Get your questions answered today by calling (480) 369-6905.