Sell or Trade Your Esthetic Medical Equipment

Each of us at Med Laser Sales has gone through the frustrating and tedious process of sorting through all the marketing hype and extravagant claims when we purchased our own medical esthetic equipment. We have spent many hours listening to “sales speak” from representatives who claimed to be experts but had never treated a single patient. Getting the clinician to purchase the machine is much easier than helping the clinician get the maximum ROI from their investment.

Until Med Laser Sales, we found finding and buying a cosmetic laser difficult at best. However, trying to sell or trade our devices without practically giving them away was virtually impossible. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, when it came time to sell or trade our cosmetic laser equipment we had to deal with recertification fees and other nasty provisions hidden in our purchase contracts.

This is where Med Laser Sales comes in.


Sell or Trade Your Medical Esthetic Equipment

As clinicians we know that every device we have purchased has a predictable lifecycle, that is assuming the device purchased is the right “fit” for our practice. Each of us has purchased a system with the expectation that it would be appropriate for our patient base, provide a positive ROI, and be able to treat condition(s) we wanted to be able to treat. Unfortunately, there are times when our expectations were not met and we decided that it was best to sell a particular system outright or trade that system in on newer technology that better suited our practice.

Med Laser Sales Pays Cash for Many Medical Technologies. We Also Offer Generous Trade In Allowances for Pre-Owned Systems that are In Demand. We Accept Most Major Brands of:

  • Used Cosmetic Laser Handpieces/Heads
  • Used Esthetic Lasers
  • Used Cosmetic Lasers
  • Used IPL Systems
  • Used RF Systems

Please contact us at 480-369-6905 to begin a no obligation discussion regarding the equipment you are considering selling or trading in. We endeavor to maximize the value of your capital investment.