Top 10 reasons I added Vivace RF Microneedling to my practice

  1. Comfortable and safe for patients

Vivace RF Microneedling System 1Unlike other RF microneedling systems, Vivace uses the latest technology to ensure that your patients are very comfortable during the procedure, all the while they are receiving an effective treatment. Vivace uses a robotic motor control, insulated needles, a proprietary chevron circuit to eliminate arcing “hotspots” and offers the clinician the greatest amount of settings. Prior to Vivace, I used other RF microneedling systems and could get my patients to do the first treatment but none of them would come back for a second due to the pain! Watch my first Vivace video to see just how comfortable Vivace RF Microneedling can be.

The FDA approved the Vivace to help tighten skin in early 2016 after an extensive trial conducted by renowed ENT and plastic surgeon, Dr. Taghizadeh MD in New Mexico. I have the great fortune to be able to visit with Dr. Taghizadeh now that he has relocated his practice to Phoenix (  Dr. “T” is a delight to learn from and provides extensive support to Vivace practitioners.

2.) Delivers great results for skin tightening

I’ve been providing microneedling treatments to clients and education to other clinicians since 2010 One Two punch against scars 2( SkinStylus® treatments represent a large part of my practice and I use my SkinStylus® daily. However, for my clients who need skin tightening as part of the treatment, Vivace gives my clients exceptional results – superior to my fractional lasers and without the pain and downtime. I can also use Vivace on my darker skin clients, something I just cannot do safely and effectively with almost all of my other light based devices. Vivace combines the best of energy based efficacy with the advantages of microneedling as a one-two punch that really gets results!

3.)  Helps diminish acne scars, surgical scars, sagging skin and stretch marks

Vivace treats scars stretch marks wrinkes and sagging skin 3

I use a multi-modality approach to treating scars and rely on Vivace heavily. Vivace gives me the ability to treat both hypertrophic and atrophic scars safely and effectively. I have the option to combine fractional lasers, SkinStylus®, and Vivace to achieve maximum results. Vivace is my go to option for darker skin patients. I am seeing exceptional results on acne scars, surgical scars, sagging skin, and yes, even STRETCH MARKS!

4.)  Vivace is more affordable device then all the other RF microneedling systems I evaluated

Vivace is priced lower than all other rf microneedling systems 4The thousands of clinicians I have trained know that I am a stickler when it comes to choosing and operating a
medical esthetic device. My mantra has been, “If you can’t do a treatment safely, effectively, and profitably with a particular device, don’t buy it!” As the co-inventor of SkinStylus®, I have an extensive background in microneedling and microtherapies. As you can imagine, I did an incredible amount of research prior to purchasing a Vivace RF microneedling system. In addition to having the best technology and features, it was THOUSANDS less than any other RF microneedling device.

I believe in the Vivace system SO much, I decided to distribute the system-effectively putting my reputation on the line! As with SkinStylus®, I consider myself a practitioner and educator much more than a sales person. My goal is to present the factual features and benefits of this device and help you evaluate if RF Microneedling with Vivace makes sense for your unique practice and patients.

5.)  Vivace disposable tips don’t time out so you can treat multiple areas in the same session with unlimited pulses.

Vivace consumables cost less than other rf microneedling systems 5

Vivace tips are only $75 (lower than almost all other systems) and unlike ALL the other systems on the market, Vivace tips DO NOT time out after a few hundred pulses. This allows me to treat multiple areas and provide “extra love” to stubborn areas using only ONE tip. Other systems would have required at least a second tip effectively DOUBLING my consumable cost. Why lose an extra $100 or more with a machine that isn’t as comfortable or effective as Vivace? Vivace tips also let you use RED or BLUE LED lights (standard on the Vivace System!) on the handpiece  to enhance the treatment!

6.)  You can improve the nutrition the skin needs through the microchannels created

vivace creates microchannels to increase topical absorption 6

There are times during a Vivace treatment when I want to take advantage of creating microchannels but do not wish to apply RF energy (think of a young adult with areas of pretty much perfect skin). I simply turn the RF energy to as low as it can go and go over these areas to create microchannels that let my topicals reach the dermis without tightening the skin. The settings that are available to Vivace clinicians allow exceptional customization.

7.)  Vivace technology such as the chevron circuit eliminates hot spots and arcing of energy making the treatment virtually painless

Vivace rf microneedling is virtually painless compared to other systems out there 7The number one challenge to RF microneedling treatments is keeping the patient comfortable. If the patient experiences pain throughout the treatment, he/she is NOT coming back for a second treatment. The Vivace proprietary chevron circuit is one of the ways Vivace makes RF microneedling treatments super comfortable. Check out my first Vivace video where we only used a topical anesthetic (I recommend Pinnacle) on the patient. She actually falls asleep at one point!

Infini is painful and requires premedication as well as lidocaine injections 8

I watched a YouTube video recently where the clinician using the machine was advising practitioners to inject lidocaine all over the face to make the Lutronic Infini® treatment comfortable and this was AFTER applying topical. Older technology machines such as Infini®, Endymed®, and other are so painful that many patients require premedication with valium, oxycontin, and in this case, injecting the entire face with lidocaine. With the Vivace Experience™ ALL of this is completely unnecessary…just use Pinnacle topical!

8.)  43% of the questions on are about microneedling = patients want it!

empowher is an informative health and beauty site for women 8

Like it or not, your patients rely on websites like (I happen to enjoy  Questions about microneedling DOMINATE Fortunately, RF microneedling is not as saturated with providers as other treatments such as laser hair removal and fractional lasers. RF microneedling has quite a bit of peer reviewed research to support both its safety and exceptional results. Clinicians who adopt RF microneedling and establish themselves as being able to provide safe, COMFORTABLE, and effective treatments stand to prosper from this enormous interest in microneedling. Find out how Vivace and SkinStylus® can transform both your patients and your practice!

9.)  You can pay off your Vivace system with as few as 35 patients completing a 3 treatment series package (based on $700 a treatment)

I offer many treatments and modalities at my medspa ranging from $150 up to $900 or more. Vivace accomplishes multiple treatment goals and because it combines energy for skin tightening with the benefits of fractional microneedling, my patients get spectacular results without having to spend extra money on different modalities.

Pay your Vivace RF Microneedling System off in as few as 104 treatments 9Unlike several of my laser systems that cost over $120,000 each, the relatively low capital investment cost of around $65,000 coupled with the low consumable cost of only $75 allows me to quickly recover the cost of my machine in as few as 104 treatments (this includes factoring in $75 tip cost) based on a $700 per treatment cost (I actually charge $850). If I performed fractional laser treatments instead of Vivace treatments (fractional laser can’t be used on my darker skin clients, is more painful, and has not been as effective as Vivace for my patients) it would take me 171 fractional treatments at $700 each to pay off my fractional laser. Even worse, with all the providers out there with fractional lasers, I have only been able to charge $450 per fractional treatment.

As I tell all my students, before you purchase a machine make sure it is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and PROFITABLE!

10.)  VIVACE says “NO!” to recertification fees!

Vivace RF Microneedling Systems do not have recertification fees like other systems 10

One exceptionally import advantage that Vivace has over other manufacturers’ systems is that in the future when I may wish to sell my system, Vivace does not charge the new buyer a recertification fee. These recertification fees charged by other system manufacturers can be in excess of $30,000 and effectively prevent me from ever selling my machine. Protect your investment and save tens of thousands of dollars in recertification fees with the Vivace RF microneedling system!

Per the FDA, The Vivace System is intended for use in dermatologic and general surgical procedures for electrocoagulation and hemostasis, and the percutaneous treatment of facial wrinkles. In this article, I discuss off label uses of the Vivace performed under the direction of my medical director. I strongly recommend that skin care professionals know the regulations within their states and obtain the proper training before offering any new treatments or services.



kristin groop has taught thousands of clinicians how to use medical esthetic equipment safely effectively and profitably

Kristin Groop, BS, MLEI, CLTS

Kris has certified thousands of doctors, nurses and other skin professionals on the safe and proper use of both light based therapies and medical esthetics. Kris co-invented the SkinStylus® Microneedling System, the world’s first autoclave sterilizable microneedling device after a growing concern over cross-contamination. With the introduction of the Vivace RF Microneedling System to the USA, Kris has become an avid Vivace luminary and distributes the device in Arizona and New England. She maintains her private practice in Scottsdale, continues to teach at her laser academy, lectures nationwide, has written many published articles, serves as an expert witness for laser lawsuits, and consults with clinicians nationwide on esthetic medical equipment.