What sets Scott Carson Lasers apart?

The Best Experience in Buying New & Used Aesthetic Medical Lasers – Guaranteed!

“In addition to the numerous manufacturers of new medical laser systems, there are dozens of brokers and dealers of pre-owned aesthetic laser systems in operation today, all of which offer a variety of used medical lasers for sale. While a few are professional, many will tell you anything to make a sale, and some will flat out take short cuts to increase their bottom line. Almost all are simply middlemen brokering deals without ever taking possession of the equipment. I decided to develop a unique approach to selling new and user aesthetic medical lasers. Unlike the many fancy named but anonymous laser manufacturers and brokers selling these devices, I have put my name, good reputation, and many years of experience out in front in leading Scott Carson Lasers. My goal is to provide transparency and personal responsibility to my clients while saving them money on both new and used medical lasers. I am not a broker or middleman as every pre-owned cosmetic laser or IPL machine I sell goes into our inventory as actual purchased equipment, or is received in trade, before it goes into stock at our warehouse. Each system is meticulously evaluated and refurbished to original manufacturer specifications. Additionally, unlike other resellers of used medical lasers, I am an authorized distributor of NEW Alma Lasers.

With access to both new and used systems, I am able to provide brand agnostic advice on what equipment solution is best for your practice, not what I have available in stock. Call me at (435) 200-5378 and let’s begin a no obligation conversation to explore both new and refurbished aesthetic medical equipment options without any sales pressure.”

Scott Carson has been a pleasure to work with. He is very professional and extremely helpful, going well above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that his clients are satisfied. We had major problems with equipment bought from other service providers – those service providers were not helpful and we were left waiting for service for several months. It was Scott who stepped in to assist and guide us for many weeks until these issues were resolved. He never asked for compensation, even though it was not his responsibility. He is the one we consult with when looking for laser equipment and he is the only one we trust and would purchase from. We highly recommend Scott and his team.

Toula Seremetis November 12, 2015

I really want to share with everyone just how much I appreciate Scott. There have been a few times where I needed help with equipment, and he was always there to solve issues for me. No matter how busy he might be, he takes the time to get involved or connect me with the right person when needed. He has also been able to provide me with great terms, and his trustworthiness and reliability are unparalleled.

Lisa GalvinRegistered Nurse at Aesthetic Laser Concepts, Inc.

Scott is a unique industry executive with a very rare combination of deep industry knowledge and experience coupled with professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service. Working with Scott has been a huge benefit for both me personally as well as our company.

Amy WeaslerDenver, CO

Scott Carson has been extremely helpful and great to work with! He was there every step of the way helping us with our laser purchase making sure we were completely happy and satisfied with the equipment! It is clear he takes great pride in his work and his product and truly wants his customers to feel comfortable and confidant while working with him. He took the time to focus on the details and made sure he was available and ready to help in any way we needed. Thank-you Scott for your professionalism and spectacular customer service!

Amanda CullenLaser Tattoo Removal Technician at Naked Tattoo Removal, Ontario, Canada

As one way of giving back to, Scott Carson is committed to improving the way laser owners and practitioners are treated by laser manufacturers. As founder of the non-profit Aesthetics & Cosmetics Business Association, Scott and other industry leaders are poised to hold manufacturers accountable for harmful business tactics. Check out the acba.expert and get your voice heard!


What’s the issue with buying a laser from a broker or directly from another practitioner?

Equipment that is brokered without inspection is simply one aesthetic practice passing their problems on to the user. It’s as simple as that. Purchasing a system directly from the owner without an inspection can cause lost time and more than cancel out any purchase price savings. Unfortunately, we have seen some incredibly poor and down-right dangerous repair practices applied to used medical lasers prior to selling them which resulted in an enormous expense for the new owner.

1400 x 1400 scott carson color portrait for ItunesScott Carson Lasers remedies those dangerous situations so you don’t have to. Each and every used medical laser solution you see on our website is overhauled to the industry-leading specifications of our Certified Refurbishment Process before being shipped to the physicians, plastic surgeons, and other medical professionals who make up our loyal customer base. We stand behind our used medical lasers with one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, a warranty that is more than just words.

The current aesthetic medical market is more challenging than ever, with increasing competition, ever-tightening profit margins, and the need to cut operating costs wherever possible. Many sellers of used medical lasers believe that by skimping on professional refurbishment costs, advertising a low price, and quickly turning the unit over to an unsuspecting buyer is the fastest way to profit. Unfortunately, this practice has lead to enormous expense and frustration for the new buyers as the unrefurbished or improperly refurbished system breaks down, oftentimes right after the limited warranty expires. Scott Carson Laser technicians refuse to cut corners on the refurbishment process and each system is serviced according to the original manufacturer specifications.

Because Scott Carson Lasers is a volume buyer of aesthetic medical equipment, we can offer professionally refurbished aesthetic lasers for less than unrefurbished systems being sold by individuals or brokers.  Call Scott directly at (435) 200-5378 to find out which new and/or used medical lasers are right for your particular practice.

Putting Innovative Technology Within Your Reach.

At discounts of up to 75% off the price of a new device, purchasing one of the high quality used medical lasers for sale from Scott Carson Lasers could have an especially significant positive impact on your bottom line. While it may make sense for some practices to purchase a new laser system, purchasing a certified refurbished system from Scott Carson Lasers allows you to receive the same benefits as if you had bought a new, more expensive laser – the enhanced ability to attract new clients with expanded services, and the return business of satisfied patients, in a safe-to-use laser or IPL.

As the top provider of used medical laser solutions and the leader in energy-based aesthetic devices, we understand the need to do things the right way to pass along complete confidence and peace of mind when you make such a significant capital investment in your practice. Scott Carson Lasers delivers this and more! Call us at (435) 200-5378 to discuss the equipment options that are best suited to your individual practice!